"Many thanks for the excellent work you put in with our pupils yesterday preparing them for the taiko performance last night. Both you and they were brilliant and I'm so happy that we are going from strength to strength with them each year."
- Kevin Squibb, Haydon School

Setting up a school Taiko club

A School Taiko club is a great way to give children regular access to the world of Taiko drumming. We can help you launch and maintain a school Taiko group in a number of ways. The benefits of having a school club stretch far and wide beyond the skill of drumming itself:

  • Self worth
  • confidence building
  • teamwork
  • musical development
  • physical confidence
  • control and coordination
  • insight into Japanese culture

For the school, a Taiko club:

  • broadens the range of clubs on offer
  • combines music and physical activity in one club
  • provides a way to bring together both music and physical activity
  • promotes the school when your club goes out to perform in public

We will:

  • Supply you a set of quality school Taiko drums, stands and sticks
  • Kick off the club with a day of workshops or after school Taiko sessions to promote Taiko to the children and parents
  • Lead the first few club sessions
  • Train your club leader in Taiko, and to apply what you already know of music and rhythm to the art of Taiko
  • Make regular visits to your school club sessions for guidance in maintaining good standards, and preparing for performances
  • Give your club leader all the creative support they will need for developing repertoire for the group

You'll need:

  • A teacher or parent at the school who is keen to lead a Taiko group
  • Storage for the drums

Please contact us at clubs@taikomeantime.com or on 07092 200417 to discuss your requirements and prices.