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The website of Taiko Meantime, from the World Heritage Site of Greenwich


Regents Plaza, 1st April 2004 with Hana Yui

Hana Yui returned to London for an outdoor event with Taiko Meantime. We were also joined by Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Kodo's senior drummer and arguably the world's most famous taiko drummer, who 'christened' our brand new O-daiko. It was a great event with an enthusiastic lunchtime crowd packing the square. Click to view comments about this event

Ed playing Miyake
Ed playing katsugi style in 'Iwai Uchi'
Hana Yui's Yoko
Ed and Yoshikazu
Chris and Yoshikazu
Meantime's new Odaiko
Mark and Yoshikazu
Mark and Yoshikazu
Yoshikazu's solo calls for ear protection!