Taiko drumming in Schools

Taiko Meantime have held educational Taiko drumming workshops and projects since 1995, introducing thousands of children and young people to Taiko every year.

At the core of our workshops are rhythm, movement, teamwork, performance and enjoyment.

Many of our workshops have illustrated the potential of Taiko drumming to increase motivation and self esteem, benefiting pupils both personally and academically.

We’ve worked together with schools to identify just some of the benefits of Taiko to pupils' personal development:

  • cultural awareness
  • confidence and self-worth
  • presentation skills
  • coordination
  • communication
  • trust
  • commitment
  • cooperation
  • having fun!

Our workshops fulfil many of the teaching aims within national curriculum subject areas including:

  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Japanese language
  • Geography
  • Drama
  • Personal Development and Learning/PSHE
  • SMSC

Our approach fits well with the Assessment for Learning model, encouraging pupils to learn by being critical, reflective and drawing on their existing knowledge.

Because Taiko drumming links so many disciplines, there is great potential for making our visit a cross-curricular event at your school.

We cater for children and young people of all ages and can focus on one class or offer a mixture of workshops to suit different groups. From a single day of drumming to an extended programme over a number of weeks, whatever your school's requirements we can tailor our workshops and projects to bring out the best in your pupils.

For further information please use the links above, or call Mark Alcock on 07958 949023.