Taiko Workshops and Courses

Taiko For Adults

Weekend workshops

We hold weekend public Taiko workshops for people of all ages. The workshops last for one or two days. Please see our events page for details about upcoming Taiko workshops. Please email workshops@taikomeantime.com if you are interested in hearing about workshops. We're Mobile! Please get in touch if you'd like to book a Taiko workshop in your town.

Taiko Summer School

On our annual residential 4-day Taiko Summer School, usually in August, participants gather from all over Europe for an immersive 4 days of Taiko, usually concentrating on a core style. We've held coures focussing on Miyake, Yoko-uchi, Katsugi and Fuse styles, alongside Chappa, Kane and Odaiko styles. The Summer course also teaches the importance of warm-up excersizes and stretching and reinforces basic Taiko technique, whatever the style. The course always culminates with a public performance with members of Taiko Meantime - a great event! Watch out for details of our next Summer School.

Taiko For Youth

In schools

We regularly take the taiko drums to primary and secondary schools all around the UK, for:

  • introductory Taiko workshops
  • projects over a half/full term
  • ongoing taiko clubs
All usually culminate in a stunning display of Taiko by the children for the rest of the school. If your school would like to see the huge benfits of Taiko drumming, please visit the School Workshop website.

Taiko For Companies


Rhythmworks Ltd. holds team-building workshops for teams in business. They have gained a reputation for empowering individuals and uniting teams through the unique dependence that Taiko drumming has on teamwork. Please visit www.rhythmworks.com for details.